National Geographic January 1950


Peerless Nepal- -A Naturalist’s Paradise
A scientific expedition to Nepal – – previously completely closed to outsiders – – returns to the United States with hundreds of rare birds and numerous interesting specimens of small mammals and fish.
El Sangay, Fire- breathing Giant of the Andes
In 1946, the U. S. and Ecuadorian governments sponsored an expedition to the cone of El Sanay, the largest Andean volcano. The expedition surveyed two routes to the summit, but was turned back by an eruption.
New Life for the Loneliest Isle
The island of Tristan, halfway between South Africa and South America, is experiencing an economic and social renaissance from new methods of farming, processing, and exporting the Tristan crayfish.
From Indian Canoes to Submarines at Key West
Traces of the island’s seafaring past are still visible, as sailors and fishermen replace pirates and privateers, and the island enjoys an economic rebirth.
Shores and Sails in the South Seas
The Marquesas Islands rise out of the Pacific Ocean about 850 miles northeast of Tahiti. These isolated islands depend on trade ships to bring them supplies and are perhaps best known as the final resting place of painter Paul Gauguin.

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