National Geographic March 1948


The Wonder City That Moves by Night
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth, can pick up and move across town or county, thanks to its own organized and crafty people.
The Romance of American Furs
In 1947, U. S. retail fur dealers sold over 450 million dollars worth of furs. Learn where the fashion industry gets the pelts and how the coats are made.
Along the Yangtze, Main Street of China
Follow the Yangtze River for 1, 500 miles from Chungking to Shanghai, and brave spectacular gorges and seething rapids.
An Arnhem Land Adventure
The Aborigines of Arnhem Land in northern Australia have persistently dared defend their way of life against the incursions of the white man.
Patent Plants Enrich Our World
The Plant Patent Act of 1930 enabled botanists and growers to patent specific plants and their offspring. Over 750 different plants have been patented and about half of them are roses, reports Orville H. Kneen.

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