National Geographic March 1906


Morocco, The Land of the Extreme West and the Story of My Captivity
Ion Perdicaris describes Morocco’s government and people, his capture by the rebel leader, Raisuli, and his experiences with that remarkable man.
Evidence of Recent Volcanic Action in Southeast Alaska
A report from the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey describes how several Alaska canyons were formed from lava flow.
S. P. Langley
S. P. Langley is remembered for developing the U. S. system of standard time and for contributing to the study of aerodynamics and the internal energy of wind.
Notes on Morocco
Given its fertile land, rich mineral deposits, and an agreeable climate, Morocco could reclaim the high status it enjoyed during the rule of the Roman emperors.
U. S. Board on Geographic Names
President Roosevelt assigns the duties of determining, changing, and fixing place names within the the United States and insular possessions to the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.
Extinct Reptiles Found in Nodules
Locked in nodules of Russian stone for eons, the bones of Triassic age reptiles have been extracted and reassembled in skeletal form.
Our Heterogeneous System of Weights and Measures
The author explains reasons why the United States should abandon its obsolete system of inches, tons, and gallons.
American Goods in China
Photographs of cases and bales of American goods arriving in China show signs of significant damage caused during shipping.

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