National Geographic June 1998


Trans- Siberian Railroad { Russia’s Iron Road}
Stretching 5, 770 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans- Siberian Railroad, the world’s longest, links a land still adjusting to the end of the Soviet era.
Adirondack High { A Special Place: Adirondack High}
New York State’s blue- water lakes and fir- clad mountains promise peace of mind – – despite periodic spats between conservationists and eager developers.
Kaikoura Canyon { Deep Mysteries of Kaikoura Canyon}
Does the legendary giant squid lurk in this mile- deep ravine off New Zealand? Sperm whales bearing scars of huge thrashing tentacles suggest so.
Raji Honey Hunters { Golden Harvest of the Raji}
Honey hunters in southern Nepal trace floral trails to lofty hives. But life among the Raji is no stroll down a garden path.
Stock Car Racing { Fast Times in Stock Car Country}
From small- town dirt tracks to sleek NASCAR raceways like Daytona, stock car racing has accelerated into America’s fastest growing spectator sport.
Quetzals { The Elusive Quetzal}
The iridescent bird revered by ancient Mesoamericans has become a rare sight as its habitat falls to human encroachment.
Orkney Islands { Orkney: Ancient North Sea Haven}
Verdant gems on a violent sea, these Scottish isles reflect pride in a Viking past.

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