National Geographic June 1994


Cotton, King of Fibers
Spun into cloth for centuries, cotton’s durable strands now knit everything from coffee filters to adhesive tape. Its seeds and short fibers yield soap, cooking oil, dollar bills, and a base for dynamite.
White Whales of the North { Beluga: White Whale of the North}
Small, social, and wary of polar bears, the beluga uses an array of clicks and whistles to chart its path through Arctic ice. Researchers are seeking its migration routes.
Central Pennsylvania: My Home Place
In the Allegheny heartland, a native son returns home to the small towns, farms, and football fields of his youth. The train whistles have faded, but the integrity and self- reliance have not.
A Russian Voyage: From the White to the Black Sea
Sailing from the White to the Black Sea, an Irish explorer and his crew find abandoned prison camps, flooded villages, polluted waters – – and a people’s unceasing faith in the mighty Volga River.
Powwow- -A Gathering of the Tribes
We sing to victory. We are still here. Native Americans honor friends and family and celebrate their heritage in dazzling festivals of color and emotion.

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