National Geographic June 1988


The Eternal Etruscans
Three thousand years ago the Etruscans forged Italy’s first civilization. Writer Rick Gore and photographer O. Louis Mazzatenta explore that little- known culture and what is left behind. With paintings by James M. Gurney.
Ellesmere Island- -Life in the High Arctic { Life in the High Arctic- -Ellesmere Island}
Biologist L. David Mech documents the struggle of wildlife to survive in Canada’s northernmost reach. Photographs by Jim Brandenburg.
Palio, Siena’s Wild 90- Second Horse Race { Palio, Siena’s Centuries- Old 90- second Horse Race}
Citizens of Siena, once an Etruscan center, continue a danger- filled tradition of horse racing. Photos by O. Louis Mazzatenta.
Yorktown Shipwreck
Scuttled in the Battle of Yorktown, a British naval transport yields clues to 18th- century ships and tactics, relates archeologist John D. Broadwater. Photos by Bates Littlehales.
Coelacanths, the Fish That Time Forgot
A fish known only from fossils and believed to be extinct was found living in the Indian Ocean in 1938. Now a German teams dives in a submersible to study coelacanths in their deep haunts. By marine biologist Hans Fricke.
Guatemala: A Fragile Democracy
After years of mismanagement and guerrilla warfare, this key Central American nation opts for civilian democratic rule, and now faces the challenge of unifying its diverse peoples. Griffin Smith, Jr. , reports on encounters with the unexpected. Photogra;

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