National Geographic June 1972


Life and Death in Tana Toradja
Mourners by the thousands celebrate the passing of a nobleman on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
When Gypsies Gather at Appleby Fair
For more than two centuries, British Gypsies arrive each June at a little gray- stone town in the north of England to trade horses, sheep, and cattle.
The World of My Apple Tree
A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer looks closely at the creatures that depend on a fruit tree on his Virginia hillside home.
Fragile Nurseries of the Sea: Can We Save Our Salt Marshes? { Can We Save Our Salt Marshes? }
Along the U. S. East Coast urban sprawl landfill, and pollution endanger the seaside marshes that nurture wildlife, filter out pollutants, and prevent flooding.
Aphrodisias, Awakened City of Ancient Art
Ten summers of excavation in southwest Turkey unearth a great city of the Greco- Roman age.
A River Restored: Oregon’s Willamette
Strict waste- control laws have transformed the Pacific Northwest’s most polluted waterway into a river fit for swimming, salmon, and controlled industrial and agricultural use.

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