National Geographic June 1959


Modern Miracle, Made in Germany
World War II leveled cities and houses, but not the indomitable people whose strength has already rebuilt their country.
Queen of Canada
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reigns fully in Canada, though only in residence part- time.
National Geographic Photographers Win Top Magazine Awards
Photographers win big at several competitions this year, including the first national event ever entered by the magazine.
Where Falcons Wear Air Force Blue, United States Air Force Academy
Like their feathered mascot, graduates of the four- year- old Colorado academy are trained to hunt on the wing and live with honor.
Volcanic Fires of the 50th State: Hawaii National Park
One of many geologic treasures found in this new state, a park enables visitors to observe fiery volcanic activity or walk on hardened and cooled lava beds.
Staten Island Ferry, New York’s Seagoing Bus
A nickel buys a ride between Manhattan and Staten Island in America’s busiest harbor.

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