National Geographic April 1950


Arizona Sheep Trek
Rams and baby lambs travel by truck and trailer, but each year herders and thousands of ewes walk from Phoenix to the cooler pastures of the White Mountains and back, a journey of 52 days each way.
Feast Day in Kapingamarangi
On a Polynesian island with only 500 inhabitants, everyone is invited when a wedding is celebrated.
Speaking of Spain
Behind the hustle and bustle of modern commerce lie traces of Spanish history and culture. Moors, Christians, and conquistadores have all left their imprint.
Okinawa, Pacific Outpost
A photo essay shows Okinawa in the process of being transformed from a little- known island to a shiny new U. S. air base.
Voices of the Night: An Explorer with Microphone and Flashlight Finds in Jungle and Roadside Ponds Unexpected Beauty and Interest
In the jungle at night, a chorus of unfamiliar songs and calls come from different varieties of frogs and toads who hide during the day and come out only at night.
Kew: The Commoners’ Royal Garden
The author finds Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew a place of study and refuge for visitors, songbirds, and horticulturists from everywhere in Britain and around the world.

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