National Geographic July 1977


Rituals and Spells Shape Gimi Lives { Fertility Rites and Sorcery in a New Guinea Village}
A New Guinea village gives anthropologist Gillian Gillison and her photographer husband, David, vivid insights into primitive concepts of life and death.
The Incredible Rat { The Rat, Lapdog of the Devil}
Through the ages a small but implacable enemy has brought man disease, starvation, and terror. Thomas Y. Canby and James L. Stanfield survey today’s global war against the resilient rat.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The Noatak}
John M. Kauffmann and Sam Abell canoe Alaska’s lonely and unsullied Noatak.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The Skagit}
David S. Boyer visits the Pacific Northwest, where controversy rides the glacier- fed Skagit.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The Rio Grande}
Nathaniel T. Kenney and Bank Langmore raft the Rio Grande’s spectacular gorges.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { Rivers Wild and Pure: A Priceless Legacy}
Four new Special Publications explore America’s still- wild rivers, plants that make medicine, the Maya, and natural catastrophes.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The St. Croix}
David S. Boyer reports on the historic St. Croix where it flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota. ..
Another Crossroads for Turkey { Cross Fire at an Ancient Crossroads; Turkey: Cross Fire at an Ancient Crossroads}
Beset by political unrest, international tensions, and the woes of a changing economy, a nation pointed West by Kemal Ataturk looks in new directions. By Robert Paul Jordan and Gordon W. Gahan.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The Suwannee}
Jane and Anne Rudloe find tranquility on the Suwannee. Photographs by Jodi Cobb.
Our Wild and Scenic Rivers { The Flathead}
Montana’s Flathead is explored by Douglas H. Chadwick and Lowell Georgia.

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