National Geographic July 1976


Breakthrough in Wildlife Studies { Studying Grizzly Habitat by Satellite}
John Craighead harnesses Landsat’s amazing technology to a continuing study of the imperiled grizzly bear.
This land is your land. ..
Four views of our land combine to form a memorable Bicentennial salute.
A First American Views His Land
N. Scott Momaday, a Kiowa Indian, reflects on his people’s relationship to their land.
Revolutionary View of the 48 States { A Satellite Makes a Coast- to- Coast Picture. .. ; Landsat Looks at Hometown Earth}
Barry C. Bishop tells how Landsat made the coast- to- coast color mosaic, Portrait U. S. A. , that accompanies this issue.
Kansas City, Heartland U. S. A
Rowe Findley goes home again, and finds this sprawling, energetic metropolis still fueled by pioneer optimism. Photographs by Ted Spiegel.
First Colony in Space { The Next Frontier? }
Isaac Asimov imagines a visit to space colony L- 5 in A. D. 2026. Paintings by Pierre Mion.
The Man Behind the Myths: George Washington { Geo. Washington: The Man Behind the Myths}
Howard La Fay and Ted Spiegel discover a warmly human figure beneath the formal portraits and hallowed tales of our first President.
This Land of Ours- -How Are We Using It?
No greater dilemma faces today’s Americans than the problem of surviving – – staying warm, getting to work, having enough to eat – – without destroying their land in the process. Peter T. White and Emory Kristof report on where we stand in this Bicenten
Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future
Where will we be when this century ends? What does the 21st century hold in store?

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