National Geographic July 1972


An American Moslem Explores the Arab Past: The Sword and the Sermon { The Sword and the Sermon}
Thirteen centuries ago horsemen galloped out of Saudi Arabia, spurred by the teachings of Muhammad. An American Muslim explores the remnants of an empire that stretched from Spain to Central Asia.
The Shadowy World of Salamanders
These amphibians, dividing their lives between water and land, represent a crucial step in the evolutionary process.
Stalking Wild Foods on a Desert Isle
On an islet off Rockland, Maine, a naturalist shows volunteers how to thrive for two weeks on the bounty of rock and sea.
Mountain Voices, Mountain Days
West Virginia’s hill country has lost sons and daughters bent on escaping poverty, but folks who stay endure the boom and bust of coal mining.
The More Paris Changes. ..
In the face of skyscraper construction and freeway snarls, the capital of France retains the magic quality of eternal youth and romance.

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