National Geographic July 1901


Oil Fields of Texas and California
Last year was marked by petroleum crazes, fueled by discoveries in California and Texas. The oil may have extensive economic effects on these states and the nation as a whole.
The Indian Village of Baum
The Pan- American Exposition features the archaeological findings unearthed at Baum, an ancient village that encircled one of Ohio’s great Indian mounds. Skeletons, tools, fishhooks, art, weapons, and other artifacts are displayed.
The Link Relations of Southwestern Asia
A study of the interrelation between the human history of southwestern Asia and the physical conditions of the area yields insight into what has made the region so prolific in world history.
The Seri Indians
Among the Seri Indians the role of matrons is prominent, whether in managing daily life or approving marriage proposals.
The Geography of Abyssinia
The author finds Abyssinia ( Ethiopia) a pleasant place that affords ample opportunities to the artist, archaeologist, and botanist. Though the lowland valleys harbor the dreaded mosquito, the highlands feature a healthful climate and attractive views.
China: Her History and Development. Part II
The second part of an article that appeared in the June 1901 issue applies the lessons of Chinese history to modern dilemma of foreign relations with China. The author warns that there is danger of misunderstanding and underrating the people and the pos;

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