National Geographic January 1998


Polar Bears, Stalkers of the High Arctic
Scientists follow the sea bear into the Arctic vastness, puzzling out how it hunts, breeds – – and keeps from freezing to death.
Amelia Earhart
The world’s most famous aviatrix vanished over the Pacific in 1937. Amelia Earhart’s untimely death helped assure that her pioneering achievements in the cockpit would not be forgotten.
Dutch Winter { Ode to Ice; The Netherlands: Ode to Ice; Illustrations text}
When a hard freeze transforms the Dutch landscape, canals sing with the music of skates.
Altamaha River { The Easy Ways of the Altamaha; A Special Place: The Easy Ways of the Altamaha}
Gnarled cypresses dot the marshes where herons stalk and gators laze and Georgians savor the tranquility of their timeless river.
Blackpool, England { A Jolly Good Time in Blackpool, England}
Braving chill waters and rambunctious crows, Britons for decades have enjoyed the gaudy pleasures of this improbable seaside resort.
Making Sense of the Millennium
As the year 2000 approaches and global mania builds, we step back to consider six areas critical to future generations in this introduction to a two- year series.
Research Committee { Labors of Love: A Report by Your Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration}
The National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration include Maya villagers among more than 200 grantees funded in 1997.

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