National Geographic January 1989


A Gloves- Off Treatment Program { Straight: A Gloves- off Treatment Program}
A controversial rehabilitation approach for young drug users is examined by Cliff Tarpy and Jose Azel.
Rowing Antarctica’s Most Mad Seas
Challenging by oar the treacherous waters of the Drake Passage, author- photographer Ned Gillette and a crew of three successfully row their storm- tossed craft from Chile to Antarctica.
Cocaine’s Deadly Reach { Coca: An Ancient Indian Herb Turns Deadly}
Used for centuries by South America’s highland Indians, a mild stimulant has been transformed into today’s international killer drug: cocaine. Peter T. White and photographer Jose Azel infiltrate the shadowy world of growers, dealers, and users.
Sagebrush Country: America’s Outback
Douglas H. Chadwick crisscrosses the big lonesome heart of the West and discovers a rugged breed of American individualists. With photographs by Phil Schofield.
Ballet with Stingrays
Underwater photographer David Doubilet joins divers feeding stingrays off Grand Canyon and finds these graceful creatures, feared for the venomous spines on their tails, are surprisingly gentle.
Two Worlds of Indonesia { Indonesia: Two Worlds, Time Apart}
Unity in Diversity is the motto of this Asian nation of more than 13, 000 islands. Arthur Zich chronicles the struggle of the world’s most populous Muslim country to preserve tradition while keeping pace with a modern world. Photographs by Charles O’ Re

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