National Geographic January 1978


Zulu King Weds a Swazi Princess
Volkmar Wentzel records age- old rites that unite two powerful African peoples.
Moscow and Its Treasures { Moscow: The City Around Red Square}
City of tsar and commissar, centered on Red Square and the Kremlin with its fabulous trove of imperial art – – the Soviet capital today holds many a surprise. John J. Putman and Gordon W. Gahan take a close look.
Man- Powered Flight at Last { The Flight of the [ Gossamer Condor] }
Man flies under his own power in a frail dragonfly of cardboard, piano wire, and plastic. Michael E. Long tells how it was done.
A Bad Time to Be a Crocodile
Rick Gore and Jonathan Blair explore firsthand the shrinking realm of those misunderstood, toothy survivors from the age of dinosaurs.
Treasures of the Tsars { Imperial Russia’s Glittering Legacy}
A photo- essay of Russian treasures.
Hiking the Milford Track { New Zealand’s Milford Track: Walk of a Lifetime }
Storm and scenic splendor punctuate the walk of a lifetime for Carolyn Bennett Patterson and Robert E. Gilka.
The Hudson: That River’s Alive
New York’s historic waterway, befouled and strangling, flows cleaner than it has in decades, Alice J. Hall and Ted Spiegel report.

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