National Geographic January 1977


Mystery of the Medicine Wheels { Probing the Mystery of the Medicine Wheels}
Astronomer John A. Eddy believes early Plains Indians used huge spoked circles of stones to keep track of sun, stars, and seasons. Photographs by Thomas E. Hooper.
Inside Cuba Today
From three months of unrestricted travel and countless interviews – – including one with Fidel Castro himself – – photojournalist Fred Ward reports on everyday life in the only Communist nation in the Western Hemisphere.
An Eye for an Eye: Pakistan’s Wild Frontier
Gunfire and eye- for- an- eye justice still rule tribal enclaves of a border province where the Khyber Pass carries scars of invasion and violence. Mike W. Edwards and J. Bruce Baumann roam Kipling country.
Mars: Our First Close Look { Mars As Viking Sees It}
A red landscape dramatically shaped by volcano, wind, and water is confirmed by the electronic eyes and arms of NASA spacecraft far from home.
Mars: Our First Close Look { The Search for Life; Sifting for Life in the Sands of Mars}
Key experiments by the two Viking landers focus on the basic, still unresolved question. Science writer Rick Gore looks at preliminary results.
Puget Sound, Sea Gate of the Northwest { Sea Gate of the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound; Puget Sound, Sea Gate of the Pacific Northwest}
At the sea gate of the nation’s Northwest, William Graves and David Allen Harvey find outdoor- oriented cities, unspoiled shores, and a growing concern for tomorrow.
The Gentle Yamis of Orchid Island
Wide ocean and a speck of land frame the world of an ancient people of the western Pacific. A picture story by Chang Shuhua.

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