National Geographic January 1976


In Search of Moses
Where and how did a humble servant of God lead the Israelites on one of history’s most momentous journeys? Harvey Arden and Nathan Benn make a pilgrimage from the Nile to the Promised Land.
California’s Parched Oasis, the Owens Valley { California’s Parched Oasis}
Distant Los Angeles controls the water of the mountain- walled Owens Valley, leaving it high, dry, and not so happy. Judith and Neil Morgan describe its plight; Jodi Cobb and Galen Rowell photograph it.
Life or Death for the Harp Seal
Survival of species divides alarmed conservationists and hunters whose livelihood depends on harvest of these arctic creatures. Biologist David M. Lavigne reports their numbers seriously declining. Photographs by William R. Curtsinger.
The Chambered Nautilus, Exquisite Living Fossil { Exquisite Living Fossil, The Chambered Nautilus}
Undersea photographer Douglas Faulkner captures in extraordinary color pictures, the rare and mysterious Pacific mollusk whose mobile home is an architectural masterpiece.
Stockholm, Where Kvalitet Is a Way of Life
James Cerruti finds that residents of Sweden’s beautiful but expensive capital city enjoy complaining as they seek a special quality of life. Photographs by Albert Moldvay and Jonathan Blair.
Haiti: Beyond Mountains, More Mountains
Though overpopulation and poverty beset them, the people of that oldest West Indian republic remain remarkably lighthearted, report Carolyn Bennett Patterson and photographer Thomas Nebbia.

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