National Geographic January 1956


Athens to Istanbul: A Journey Through the Heart of the Old Byzantine Empire Begins in a Royal Palace and Leads, Surprisingly, to Atlantic City, New Jersey
A journey through the heart of the old Byzantine Empire begins in a royal palace and leads, surprisingly, to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Gold Medal Awarded to Mrs. Robert E. Peary
The wife of explorer Peary is recognized for supporting her husband’s North Pole quest.
Portraits of My Monkey Friends
Primates at the National Zoological Park in Washington, D. C. , perform lively antics for the camera.
Mauritius, Island of the Dodo: Great Britain’s Small, Sugar- rich Colony Far Out in the Indian Ocean Mixes Peoples and Customs from Europe, Asia, and Africa
Great Britain’s small, sugar- rich colony far out in the Indian Ocean, mixes peoples and customs from Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Wringing Secrets from Greenland’s Icecap
Building their own road, aerial cable, and a remarkable snow- insulated station, resourceful Frenchmen map a lost world buried under thousands of feet of ice.
Wildlife Adventuring in Jackson Hole: Naturalist Brothers, Cabin Dwellers in the Wyoming Rockies, Learn the Ways of Mammals and Birds in the Shadow of the Tetons
Naturalist brothers, cabin dwellers in the Wyoming Rockies, learn the ways of mammals and birds in the shadow of the Tetons.

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