National Geographic January 1954


Fish Men Discover a 2, 200- year- old Greek Ship
Off the island of Grand Congloue, the crew of Calypso discover the remains of a Greek cargo vessel that sank around 230 B. C.
Man’s New Servant, the Friendly Atom: Tamed Atomic Energy Fights Disease, Helps Factories and Farmers, and May Become an Important New Source of Industrial Power
Atomic energy in peacetime is used to fight disease, power factories and may become an important source of industrial power for homes and businesses. Plans for the first nuclear- powered submarines are also described.
Westminster, World Series of Dogdom: Every Year Since 1877, Canine Aristocrats Have Won Honors- -and Even Once a Pearl- handled Revolver- -in the Nation’s Premier Dog Show
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is one of the oldest sporting events in the United States. Fewer than one in every 10, 000 dogs makes an appearance at the dog show, where winners compete for the title of Best In Show, the epitome of the well- bred;
Cliff Dwellers of the Bering Sea: Teaching ABC’s to Eskimo Youngsters on Alaska’s Lonely King Island Is a Heartwarming Experience for an American Couple
Teaching the children of the Eskimo village on King Island in the Bering Sea was an arduous but heartwarming task for the author and his wife.
The Explosive Birth of Myojin Island
This photo essay captures the emergence of a volcanic island from the ocean 250 miles south of Tokyo.
Amid the Mighty Walls of Zion: Explorer- Vacationists Penetrate the Fantastic Narrows of Utah’s Virgin River, Heart of Zion National Park’s Many- hued Wonderland
The Virgin River flows through the sandstone canyons of Zion National Park in Utah. A canoe trip down this river can turn from adventure to disaster if a flash flood catches up with you. The author and his brother make the journey, describing the history

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