National Geographic January 1909


The Buried Cities of Asia Minor
In the third article of this series, an American consul describes the Temple of Cybele, the library at Pergamus, the reputed tomb of Tantalus, and the castle of Croesus.
Sicily, the Battle- Field of Nations and of Nature
It may be peaceful for the moment, but terrible Mount Etna may erupt again. In like fashion the ruins of Sicily recount a history of repeated cycles of domination and destruction.
The Emancipation of Mohammedan Women
Last July, the bloodless revolution by the Young Turkey party and their female allies brought the beginnings of real freedom to the women of the empire. But even before that event, Turkish women were allowed to own property, and enter the worlds of teach
Honors to the American Navy
At its annual dinner in Washington, D. C. , the National Geographic Society pays tribute to the achievements of the U. S. Navy. Other important events of the year include the restoration of Turkey’s constitution, the promulgation of a constitution in Ch
Sunshine in Turkey
The new constitution has been pronounced religiously legitimate. The Turkish flag now features a morning star and a waxing moon – – spirit of good will, ecumenism, and equality.
Lessons from China
Once one of the most fertile and beautiful spots in the entire world, northern China was laid barren by deforestation, says President Roosevelt. He admonishes Congress to preserve America’s forests.
The Value of the United States Forest Service
With a mandate to develop to the highest usefulness 168 million acres of wild lands, the agency has the potential to earn the nation 125 million dollars a year in timber and one million dollars a year in grazing fees. Other projects include reforestatio;

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