National Geographic February 2005


Lights, Camera, India { Welcome to Bollywood}
Lights, Camera, India For sheer pizzazz- and number of pictures produced- India’s over- the- top film industry, known as Bollywood, easily out- hollywoods Hollywood. BY SUKETU MEHTA PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
A Credit to Delaware { ZipUSA: Living It Up, Paying It Down; ZipUSA: 19886; ZipUSA: Wilmington, Delaware}
ZipUSA: 19886 There are people in Wilmington, Delaware, who want to give you all the credit you deserve- and maybe more. BY MARY McPEAK PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
Arabia’s Empty Quarter { Empty Quarter: Exploring Arabia’s Legendary Sea of Sand}
The Empty Quarter Spilling across four Arab nations, the world’s largest sand desert has been defined as much by Bedouin tradition as by geography. Now oil and politics are changing the definition. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
Tales From a Nazi Ghost Ship { A Wreck Revealed; Ghost Ship Found}
A Wreck Revealed It took 20 minutes for the German liner Steuben to sink with 4, 500 souls after Russian torpedoes split its hull in 1945. It took 60 years to find the ship’s remains in the Baltic Sea. BY MARCIN JAMKOWSKI PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRISTOPH GERIGK
Great Gray Owls: Winged Silence
Great Gray Owls Winged lords of northern forests, the big raptors fly noiselessly, hunt in light or dark, and can hear a field mouse stir under the snow. BY LYNNE WARREN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DANIEL J. COX
California Sea of Dreams { Eccentric Salton Sea; Salton Sea}
Eccentric Salton Sea Celebrities used to trail their toes in the brine, but few people dare take a dip today. The good fortune of California’s offbeat inland sea may finally be evaporating. BY ] OEL K. BOURNE, ] R. PHOTOGRAPHS BY GERD LUDWIG
Bronze Age Cult { Royal Secrets From Ancient Syria; Unearthing Ancient Syria’s Cult of the Dead}
Bronze Age Cult Beneath a palace in Syria, archaeologists have found evidence that ancient kings once dined with the dead. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY MANOOCHER

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