National Geographic February 1987


Herod the Great’s City on the Sea { Herod’s City on the Sea; Caesarea Maritima: Herod the Great’s City on the Sea}
On the Israeli cost, archaeologist Robert L. Hohlfelder charts and explores the Roman port of Caesarea Maritima. Photographs by Bill Curtsinger, paintings by J. Robert Teringo.
Appalachian Trail, Tunnel Through Time { A Tunnel Through Time: The Appalachian Trail}
From Georgia to Maine the footpath covers 2, 100 miles of forest glades, valley views, and rocky heights. Noel Grove and photographer Sam Abell chronicle its gifts. A Making of America map supplement traces the historic contributions of New England.
The Royal Spoonbill
Biologist- photographer M. Philip Kahl travels to Australia for a close look at one of the most spectacular waterbirds anywhere.
Shakespeare Lives at the Folger
The world’s greatest collection of rare books and memorabilia about a Bard and a revitalized theater evoke the Elizabethan age in Washington, D. C. , says Merle Severy. Photographs by Nathan Benn.
Madagascar: A World Apart
On earth’s fourth largest island, naturalist Alison Jolly and photographer Frans Lanting find the human fight for survival endangering unique and wondrous plants and animals.
Iceland: Life Under the Glaciers
Turning a hostile environment to their advantage, Icelanders enjoy prosperity at home while resisting foreign influences. Louise E. Levathes and photographer Bob Krist report.

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