National Geographic February 1978


Brazil’s Coast: Golden Beachhead { Brazil’s Golden Beachhead}
Three booming, productive states provide the money, ideas, and goods that drive a South American economic colossus. Bart McDowell and Nicholas deVore III explore cities that hum to a regular workweek and pulse to Carnival.
The Panama Canal Today: Behind the Headlines
An engineering miracle that opened a gate between Atlantic and Pacific, Teddy Roosevelt’s triumph enters a new era of usefulness – – and of controversy. Bart McDowell and George F. Mobley make a passage through the Big Ditch.
Minoans and Mycenaeans: Sea Kings of the Aegean { Minoans and Mycenaeans: Greece’s Brilliant Bronze Age}
Behind Homer’s epics and Greek myth lies the brilliant reality of Europe’s first high civilizations, which flourished on Crete and the Greek mainland at the height of the Bronze Age. Joseph Judge tells their story, with photographer Gordon W. Gahan and
The Living Dead Sea
Bitter with salts, steeped in Biblical history, rimmed by modern tensions, the lowest body of water on earth is explored by Harvey Arden and photographer Nathan Benn.
The Gulf’s Workaday Waterway
Barge crews, yachtsmen, and nature lovers share a 1, 200- mile chain of bays, bayous, rivers, and canals stretching from Florida’s panhandle to the Mexican border. Gordon Young and Charles O’ Rear voyage along it.
Where Bald Eagles Still Soar { Our Bald Eagle: Freedom’s Symbol Survives}
Generations to come may yet know that high- soaring bird – – if we learn to protect its dwindling domain. Biologist Thomas C. Dunstan reports on field studies; photographs by Jeff Foott.

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