National Geographic February 1944


Great Stone Faces of Easter Island
These photographs show Easter Island’s people as well as the mysterious heads carved from volcanic rock, that dot the South Pacific island.
Life Story of the Mosquito
Mosquitoes, members of the most primitive division of flies, pass through four stages of insect life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
Saboteur Mosquitoes
Because mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and dengue to soldiers, entomologists and chemists must provide the armed forces with repellents and insecticides.
On the Trail of King Solomon’s Mines: The Bible, in Addition to Its Spiritual Values, Continues to Prove a Rich Geography and Guide to Exploration of the Holy Land
Guided by Bedouin and the Bible’s historical account of the Holy Land, archaeologists discover evidence of King Solomon’s copper and iron mines in the Wadi al’ Arabah, and the site of the ancient port city of Ezion- geber.
The Land Columbus Loved
Visited many times by Columbus, the Caribbean island of Hispaniola is shared by the French- speaking people of Haiti and the Spanish- speaking people of the Dominican Republic.
Paricutín, the Cornfield That Grew a Volcano
Near the Mexican village of Paricutin, a volcanic cone rose from a farmer’s cornfield and erupted in 1943, offering scientists an opportunity to study the birth of a volcano.

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