National Geographic February 1941


Ancestor of the British Navy: England’s Oldest Known War Vessel Is Unearthed, Laden with Remarkable Treasures of an Anglo- Saxon Ruler
In an English field, archaeologists uncover the oldest British war vessel ever known, a 1, 300- year- old Anglo- Saxon warship buried with coins and gold ingots.
The American Scene
These photographs of Americans and Canadians at work and play are among the winners of the Sixth Annual Newspaper National Snapshot Awards.
Arch- Isolationists, the San Blas Indians: Coconuts Serve as Cash on Islands Off the Panama Coast Where Tribesmen Cling to Their Ancient Ways and Discourage Visitors
Off the coast of Panama, the San Blas Indians live in near- isolation on several of the 400 tiny Mulatas Islands, making huts and canoes from coconut trees, spearing fish, bundling sugarcane, and growing plantains.
Cotton: Foremost Fiber of the World
Known as white gold, cotton is the most widely used and versatile fiber in the world.

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