National Geographic May 1940

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Stone Idols of the Andes Reveal a Vanished People: Remarkable Relics of One of the Oldest Aboriginal Cultures of America are Unearthed in Colombia’s San Agusti?n Region
An archaeologist discovers temples, tombs, and 142 statues carved by aborigines who lived high in the Andes mountains of Colombia from 250 B. C. to A. D. 1000.
Salty Nova Scotia: In Friendly New Scotland Gaelic Songs Still Answer the Skirling Bagpipes
Latin for New Scotland, Nova Scotia is a friendly Canadian province of lighthouses, coves, apple orchards, and fishing villages.
In Quest of the Golden Eagle: Over Lonely Mountain and Prairie Soars This Rare and Lordly Bird, But Three Youths from the East Catch Up With Him at Last
Crouching in marshes and dangling from cliffs, three men search for golden eagles in Wyoming, also discovering horned owls, prairie falcons, and hawks.
Old Ireland, Mother of New Eire: By Whatever Name, ‘ Tis the Same Fair Land With the Grass Growing Green on the Hills of Her and the Peat Smoke Hanging Low
Castles, sea cliffs, and green meadows spread across Ireland’s 26 counties, whose people embrace their Gaelic ancestry to strengthen their independent, democratic country.

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