National Geographic December 2023


Featured Articles:

  • Beneath the Waves: Dr. Min-Jee Kim’s riveting examination of the Mariana Trench’s depths, with Brian Skerry’s vivid photography.
  • Ghosts of the Forest: Olivia Taylor’s revealing look into Madagascar’s vanishing rainforests and Tim Laman’s intimate wildlife shots.
  • Sky High Science: An astral journey with Dr. Emily Levesque and Maggie Steber’s stunning photography of the cosmos.
  • Ancient Rhythms in a Modern World: Dr. Eduardo S. Neves and Darcy Padilla capture the enduring spirit of Brazil’s native cultures.
  • The Secrets of the Silk Road: Dr. Peter Frankopan and Matthieu Paley’s vivid narrative of Asia’s ancient trade pathways.
  • The Hidden World of Urban Wildlife: Dr. Sophie Calmels and Joel Sartore unveil the unexpected wild in our cities.

Spotlighted Article:

  • Pictures of the Year: National Geographic’s most breathtaking photographs of 2023, including Kiliii Yuyan’s cover image of a banded sea krait in Palau, encapsulate a year of visual storytelling. This collection showcases the wonders and challenges of our world, seen through the eyes of those who capture moments of raw beauty, human connection, and the ever-changing face of nature.

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