National Geographic December 1973


North With the Snow Goose { Beyond the North Wind With the Snow Goose}
The authors raise orphaned birds to follow their life cycle and their migration from the Canadian subartic to the Gulf of Mexico
Leonard Carmichael: An Appreciation
The President of the Society pays tribute to the man who served as its Vice President for Research and Exploration.
Alone to Antarctica
A veteran of three solo North Atlantic crossings completes the first leg of his attempt to sail a 32- foot steel sloop around the frozen continent.
A Town. .. a Mountain. .. a Way of Life
Center of the nation’s largest ski area, the former mining town of Aspen, Colorado, also draws visitors to conferences, concerts, and classes.
The Lost Empire of the Incas
Tracking the Inca Empire from Ecuador to Chile, the author finds Inca art and architecture and some ancient traditions still practiced by descendants of the earliest American empire builders.
And Then There Was Fred. ..
An orphaned sandhill crane chick adopts the authors as parents and joins their adventure with snow geese.
Greenland’s Place by the Icebergs
A Danish fishing family shares the hardships of Arctic life with Greenlanders of Jakobshavn, on the west coast of the ice- clad island.

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