National Geographic December 1957


I Found the Bones of the [ Bounty] : Lonely Pitcairn Island, Home of the Descendants of History’s Most Famous Mutineers, Yields Its Secret to a Diver
Off Pitcairn Island’s shores, Luis Marden salvages souvenirs from the South Pacific’s famous mutiny.
Bright Dyes Reveal Secrets of Canada Geese: Dyed- in- the egg Goslings and Grown Honkers with Neckties Help Scientists Improve the Lot of These Majestic Birds
Scientists easily track the movements of bright red goslings and adults sporting colorful plastic ties.
Bringing Old Testament Times to Life: Archeologists Combine Scientific Methods with Shrewd Deduction to Paint an Ever- clearer Picture of Life in Biblical Days
Palestinian archaeology uncovers layers of biblical history.
New Chart for Watchers of the Skies: As Satellite Flights Turn Our Eyes Toward the Heavens, Your Society Maps the Guideposts of the Firmament
A two- sided map invites stargazing in the northern and southern hemispheres.
President Eisenhower Presents to Prince Philip the National Geographic Society’s Medal
Great Britain’s Prince Philip earns recognition for his broad travels and for supporting science in his country and the Commonwealth.
How Man- made Satellites Can Affect Our Lives
The impending birth of the U. S. satellite program promises to enhance communications on Earth and boost research in space.

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