National Geographic December 1955


Rugged Is the Word for Bravo: Weather Patrol Aboard a Coast Guard Rescue Ship in the North Atlantic Calls for Three Weeks of Skill, Stamina, and a Strong Stomach
For three weeks, Coast Guard crews rescue stranded fishermen, injured seamen, and downed airline passengers in the North Atlantic while collecting critical storm data.
Atlantic Odyssey: Iceland to Antarctica: A National Geographic Cartographer Goes Whaling off Newfoundland, Tastes a Cape Horn Gale, and Visits African Diamond Mines
A National Geographic cartographer goes whaling off Newfoundland, tastes a Cape Horn gale, and visits African diamond mines.
Ice Age Man, the First American: With Atomic Age Tools, Scientists Pick Up the Trails of Nomadic Hunters Who Peopled the Western Hemisphere Thousands of Years Ago
With a technique called carbon dating, scientists pick up the trails of nomadic hunters who peopled the Western Hemisphere thousands of years ago.
Petra, Rose- red Citadel of Biblical Edom: In a City That May Have Sheltered St. Paul, Unique Rock Carvings Have Defied the Elements for 2, 000 Lonely Years
Extraordinary rock hewn palaces, temples, and halls in Jordan still stand as monuments to the world of the Old Testament.
By Full- rigged Ship to Denmark’s Fairyland: Svendborg Mariners Nostalgically Re- create a Golden Age of Sail When the Isle of Fyn Sent Its Craft to the Earth’s Corners
Svendborg mariners nostalgically re- create a golden age of sail when the island of Fyn sent its wooden ships to the Earth’s corners.
Christmas in Cookie Tree Land: Peggy Poodlehead, Sylvester the Ominous Cat, and Rosebud the Elephant Unite an American Family in a Joyful Holiday Tradition
Peggy Poodlehead, Sylvester the ominous cat, and Rosebud the Elephant unite an American family in a joyful holiday tradition.

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