National Geographic December 1905


The Parsees of India { The Parsees and the Towers of Silence at Bombay, India}
Of Persian descent, the Parsees of India maintain a community distinct from that of their Hindu neighbors, and practice their own religion of Zoroastrianism.
The New Erie Canal
The Erie Canal represents an unprecedented undertaking by an individual state – – New York. Of immense commercial importance, its significance to the United States is commensurate to its more famous Panamanian counterpart.
Australia’s Future
Australia’s economy is hindered by the lack of strong federal control of national finances.
What Has Been Accomplished by the United States Toward Building the Panama Canal
The chairman of the Isthmian Canal Commission details successful efforts to better working conditions on the Panama Canal project, among them improved sanitation, employee housing, and food supplies.
Russia in Recent Literature
Two volumes are recommended – – one English, the other Italian – – offering European views on the political, social, and religious aspects of early 20th- century Russia.
China Is Not Overpopulated
The U. S. minister to Peking believes that the official population estimate by the Chinese board of revenue is greatly exaggerated.
China and the United States
The author, a Chinese minister to the U. S. , lauds the positive relationship the nations have historically shared. He expresses dismay, however, at U. S. immigration laws prohibiting the entry of Chinese laborers. With no clear definition of laborer set
The World’s Production of Gold
A boon in gold production inspires a comparison of the world’s mines to fields yielding a bountiful crop, and prompts predictions of expanding

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