National Geographic August 1997


Malaysia: Rising Star
After 40 years of independence this Southeast Asian nation has achieved peace and plenty – – at a cost.
Oregon’s Outback { A Special Place: Oregon’s Outback}
In the state’s rugged southeast corner the wind is a constant companion, and water is as rare as a neighbor.
An Empire’s Enduring Reach { Roman Legacy; The World According to Rome}
Fifteen centuries after the fall of Rome, the empire’s influence still pervades our culture in law, language, architecture, and government.
Thalay Sagar Climb { The Frozen Face of Thalay Sagar}
No one has reached the summit of this 22, 650- foot Himalayan peak by its north face. Two Americans climbers find out why.
New Light on Coral { A New Light in the Sea}
Red Sea corals explode with fluorescent colors under the glow of ultraviolet light.
Barrier Islands { Islands at the Edge}
Shifting slivers of sand, the barrier islands that protect the Atlantic and Gulf coasts lure beach lovers into a losing battle with nature.
Malaysia’s Secret Realm
Mists wreathe Sabah on the northern tip of Borneo, where virgin rain forest shelters fragile treasures.

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