National Geographic August 1993


Untamed Treasure of the Cumberland
Twenty years ago, a boisterous branch of the Cumberland River named Big South Fork, inspired the creation of a 100, 000- acre preserve in Tennessee and Kentucky.
Tragedy Stalks the Horn of Africa
Behind the face of famine lies chronic warfare that has beset the Horn of Africa for generations. Can the beleaguered nations end the cycle of death that has already claimed millions?
Tibet’s Remote Chang Tang { In a High and Sacred Realm: Tibet’s Remote Chang Tang}
The world’s newest top- rank nature reserve is a high, stark, windswept realm, an Arizona- size land that is home to lynxes, wild yaks, and Tibetan antelope.
Sweden: In Search of a New Model
Architects of a model welfare state, Swedes find their tidy world challenged by economic recession and immigrants behaving in decidedly un- Swedish ways.
Bacteria: Teaching Old Bugs New Tricks
Vital to life, bacteria are the oldest, most abundant, and perhaps most useful organism on earth. Today they star in everything from making headphones to cleaning up toxic wastes.

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