National Geographic August 1972


The Isles of Greece: Aegean Birthplace of Western Culture
The Editor sails his yawl White Mist on a summer odyssey among history- steeped isles of the Aegean Sea.
Sequoias of the Sea: Giant Kelp { Giant Kelp, Sequoias of the Sea}
Off the California coast the world’s fastest growing plants furnish food and security for snails, crabs, and fish.
The Tasadays, Stone Age Cavemen of Mindanao
The first expedition to meet the Tasaday tribe of the Philippines finds 24 people living in caves, making fire with wooden drills, and fashioning stone tools like our ancestors did thousands of years ago.
Escalante Canyon- -Wilderness at the Crossroads
Environmentalists and developers argue about the future of a majestic 185- mile slash through the badlands of southern Utah.
North With the Wheat Cutters
Racing the clock, teams with gargantuan machines travel south to north across the Great Plains to harvest ripened grain before the crops are damaged by rain, hail, or prairie fire.
A Do- It- Yourself Gardener Creates a New All- America Rose { Amateur Gardener Creates a New Rose}
A pipe fitter in Cincinnati, one of 50 recognized rose hybridizers in the world, has developed an award- winning rich pink flower called Portrait.

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