National Geographic August 1956


Into the Heart of Africa: The Weeks Expedition, Collecting Birds and Mammals, Visits Saucer- lipped Ubangi Belles and Giant Jungle Chiefs
On a quintessential tour of Africa as it used to be, the author and her husband collect birds and mammals, and visit saucer- lipped Ubangi belles and a giant Cameroonian chief.
All- out Assault on Antarctica: Operation Deepfreeze Carves Out United States Bases for a Concerted International Attack on Secrets of the Frozen Continent
Famed polar explorer Robert Byrd checks out the latest research innovations on his fifth trip to the frozen continent.
Boom on San Francisco Bay: A Rising Tide of People and Prosperity Has Changed Many Things in the City by the Golden Gate, but Not Its Love of Life
A rising tide of people and prosperity has changed many things in the city by the Golden Gate, but not its love of life.
Alexander Graham Bell Museum: Tribute to Genius: A Canadian Memorial Reveals New Facts About the Work of an American Scientist
Housed near Bell’s Canadian retreat, an extensive collection of models, photographs, and notes detail the workings of his inventive mind.
Stalking Central Africa’s Wildlife
Birds and mammals, yet to be depleted by modern encroachment, roam in astounding variety and numbers.

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