National Geographic August 1952


High Adventure in the Himalayas
Members of the Scottish Mountaineering Club spent five months mountain climbing along the Tibet- Nepal border. The highest peak, Panch Chuli, eluded the party, but plenty of other adventures did not.
Canada Counts Its Caribou
This photo- essay captures a herd of caribou as they migrate north to the Canadian tundra in April and May.
U. S. Capitol, Citadel of Democracy
On the Hill, the hub of Washington, D. C. , stands the 287- foot- tall Capitol, where the laws of the nation are made.
Water for the World’s Growing Needs: Ever Seeking More, Man Makes Better Use of Earth’s Liquid Assets, Fights River Pollution, Even Desalts the Sea
As Earth’s population increases, the need for water intensifies. Among the new methods of providing drinkable water are depolluting lakes and streams, and desalinating sea water.
Back- yard Monsters in Color: Even in a Great City, the Insect Kingdom Reveals Its Shimmering Hues to a Hunter Armed with Patience and Kodachrome
The insect world rivals that of the birds for color and variety. The 27 color photographs shown in this essay represent many common species of backyard bugs.

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