National Geographic August 1939


Discovering the New World’s Oldest Dated Work of Man: A Maya Monument Inscribed 291 B. C. is Unearthed Near a Huge Stone Head by a Geographic- Smithsonian Expedition in Mexico
Proving that the Maya empire was bigger than originally suspected, an expedition to Vera Cruz, Mexico unearths a Maya monument dating from 291 B. C.
Australia’s Patchwork Creature, the Platypus
Rarely seen in its native Australia, the behavior of the unusual platypus is best observed in a zoo.
Iowa, Abiding Place of Plenty: The State Where the Tall Corn Grows Provides the Nation with a Tenth of Its Food Supply
Leading the nation in corn, oats, hogs, and horses, Iowa is 96% farmland – – even its capital, Des Moines, contains a 60- acre cornfield.
Flower Pageant of the Midwest: From March to November Nature Embroiders an Ever- changing Pattern of Living Color
The Midwest plains erupt in color every spring, blooming with many kinds of flowers, including irises, anemones, and lilies.

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