National Geographic February 1929


Cruising to Crete: Four French Girls Set Sail in a Breton Yawl for the Island of the Legendary Minotaur
A bold quartet of young women sails to Crete and tours the island by boat, car, and mule, observing the local economy and family life.
Twin Stars of Chile: Valparaiso, the Gateway, and Santiago, the Capital- -Key Cities with a Progressive Present and a Romantic Past
Wealth from mining copper and nitrates beneath snowcapped mountains infuses Chile’s major cities with energy and opportunities to improve schools, roads, and living conditions.
Buenos Aires to Washington by Horse: A Solitary Journey of Two and a Half Years, Through Eleven American Republics, Covers 9, 600 Miles of Mountain and Plain, Desert and Jungle
A curious teacher strives to test the mettle of the rare criollo horse, descendant of Arabian horses turned loose in South America by Spanish explorers.

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