National Geographic July 1930


Norway, A Land of Stern Reality: Where Descendants of the Sea Kings of Old Triumphed Over Nature and Wrought a Nation of Arts and Crafts
The ubiquitous, semi- amphibious Norwegian sailor personifies much about life in Norway, where the harsh, unarable land turns many inhabitants to the sea and exploration.
To- day on The Yukon Trail of 1898
Armed with a movie camera, the author ships out from Juneau by canoe and traces the path of many gold rush prospectors through Alaska’s Inside Passage and along the Yukon River to the Bering Sea.
North America’s Oldest Metropolis: Through 600 Melodramatic Years, Mexico City Has Grown in Splendor and Achievement
A stage for Aztec, Spanish, and American history, Mexico City thrives as a modern capital and cultural center.

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