National Geographic April 2007


Village of Empty Nets { Newfoundland Fishing; The Global Fish Crisis: End of the Line}
End of the Line A village in Newfoundland faces a bleak reality. BY CHRIS CARROLL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOACHIM LADEFOGED
Hip- Hop Planet
Whether you trace it to New York’s South Bronx or the villages of West Africa, hip- hop has become the voice of a generation demanding to be heard. BY JAMES McBRIDE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
Tallgrass Prairie { Splendor of the Grass: Tallgrass Prairie}
In the Flint Hills of Kansas, the nation’s last great expanse of tallgrass prairie anchors a world renewed by fire. BY VERLYN KLINKENBORG PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
Special Report: Saving the Sea’s Bounty { Still Waters: The Global Fish Crisis; The Global Fish Crisis}
High- tech harvesting and wasteful management have brought world fish stocks to dangerous lows. Three stories explore the fish crisis- as well as the hope for a new relationship between man and the sea.
Safe Haven in New Zealand { Marine Protected Areas; The Global Fish Crisis: Blue Haven}
Blue Haven New Zealand marine reserves are a model for the world. BY KENNEDY WARNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN SKERRY
The Majestic Bluefin { The Global Fish Crisis; The Global Fish Crisis: Still Waters}
Still Waters The Mediterranean may lose its wild bluefin tuna. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON AND BRIAN SKERRY
Lessons of the Hunt
Teaching a spirited cub to survive in the wilds of Botswana takes all the skill and patience a mother leopard can muster: a rare look at how this solitary species raises its young. BY DERECK JOUBERT PHOTOGRAPHS BY BEVERLY JOUBERT

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