National Geographic April 1999


The Battle of Midway { Return to the Battle of Midway; Ghosts and Survivors Return to the Battle of Midway}
After crippling the U. S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Japan set out to deal it a death blow at Midway. Fifty- six years later former foes relive those harrowing hours as explorer Robert D. Ballard locates the grave of the U. S. S. Yorktown.
Blues Highway { Traveling the Blues Highway}
One of the largest internal migrations in U. S. history took place this century as black Americans left the South in search of social and economic equality, carrying with them the soulful music known as the blues.
Galápagos Underwater
In the grip of El Nino the normally cold, rich seas that support a bountiful food chain warmed, with dire consequences to penguins, iguanas, and sea lions.
Galápagos Islands { Galápagos: Paradise in Peril}
Tourism, development, and abnormal weather threaten the unique island ecosystem that inspired Darwin’s theory of natural selection.
Copper Age { Journey to the Copper Age}
Archaeologists retrace a copper- trading route used 6, 500 years ago and unearth discoveries that shed light on the lives of ancient metalworkers in the Middle East.
Vernal Pools { The Pools of Spring}
As winter melts away, small ponds begin to dot the fields and woodlands of North America. By mid- spring they teem with salamanders and frogs
Texas Hill Country { A Special Place: Texas Hill Country}
Sit a spell by the cool, spring- fed streams of central Texas and you’ ll see why cityfolk are heading for the hills.

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