National Geographic April 1975


The Changing World of Canada’s Crees
Writer- photographer Fred Ward visits Indians in Quebec who face the impact of a massive new power- development project in the north woods.
Into the Lairs of Sleeping Sharks
Zoologist Eugenie Clark leads divers into underwater caves where sharks mysteriously go into a trancelike state. Photographs by David Doubilet.
The Loyalists: Americans With a Difference { The Loyalists}
The intriguing story of Americans with a difference – – the Tories – – unfolds as Kent Britt and Ted Spiegel backtrack 200 years.
Tanzania Marches to Its Own Drum
But can its daring experiment – – building a nation around familyhood – – succeed? Peter T. White and Emory Kristof travel far and hard to look for clues.
Utah’s Shining Oasis
Between the lofty Wasatch Range and the Great Salt Lake, Charles McCarry and James L. Amos find thriving cities and a bountiful land, realization of the dream of Mormon pioneers.

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