National Geographic April 1938


Belgium- -Europe in Miniature
The vineyards, Gothic spires, fountains, plazas, and palaces of Belgium’s nine provinces are a blend of Europe’s charms.
The Diary of a Pilgrimage { Tweedsmuir Park: A Canadian Pilgrimage; Tweedsmuir Park: The Diary of a Pilgrimage}
Following the tracks of explorer Alexander Mackenzie, the wife of the governor- general of Canada travels with her husband to a new reserve in the mountains of British Columbia.
Austrian August- -and September
In the peaks of the Alps, Austrians celebrate summer with festivals, dancing, and swimming in the Danube River.
Ageless Luster of Greece and Rhodes
These photographs of the Greek islands flatter the vineyards and steep slopes of Thera, the ancient streets of Corfu, and the legendary harbor of Rhodes.

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