National Geographic January 1904

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The Famous Waldseemu?ller map of 1507
A wall map dated 1507 discovered in Germany is the earliest map that includes the word America.
Marcus Baker Memorial
Marcus Baker was one of the 33 original founders of the National Geographic Society in 1888 and a member of its Board of Managers.
The Alaskan Boundary Tribunal, with map ( 12 x 12 inches) { The Alaskan Boundary Tribunal}
Marking another event in the long history of boundary disputes between the United States and Canada, the author discusses a tribunal that met in London in January 1903 to agree on the boundary between Alaska and Canada.
Snow Crystals
Each intricately patterned snow crystal is formed in clouds and shaped by inclusions of air.
The Reclamation of the West
Passed on June 17, 1902, the reclamation law transferred public land of the arid American West to private land owners and designated funds for the construction of irrigation works.
The U. S. Weather Bureau
The U. S. Weather Bureau recently improved its forecasting methods by using higher altitude planes to provide daily charts and plans to build a research center, improve flood warnings, and educate the public.
Decision of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal Under the Treaty of January 24, 1903, Between the United States and Great Britain
In January 1903, the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal reached six decisions regarding the mainland boundary between Alaska and Canada.
Statistical Atlas of the United States
The most recent Statistical Atlas of the United States contains hundreds of maps, charts, and diagrams that describe population, vital statistics, agriculture, and manufactures.
Decisions of the United States Board on Geographic Names
These place- names are listed as the decisions of the United States Board on Geographic Names during the period June 1 to November 20, 1903.
Controlling Sand Dunes in the United States and Europe
A Department of Agriculture grass specialist suggests that the U. S. emulate Europe by planting beach grass, heather, or sand hedges to control moving sand dunes that encroach on valuable property.
Cotton for England
England must begin to rely on British colonies to supply cotton.
There are three principal boundaries of forests: cold, dry, and wet timberlines.

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