National Geographic April 1904

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Travels in Arabia and Along the Persian Gulf
A traveler in the Persian Gulf region discovers the bazaar of Muscat ( Masqat) , the canals of Busra ( Busra ash Sham) , and the mosques of Bagdad ( Baghdad) .
The Development of Nevada
Although Nevada’s population has diminished since it became a state, it is certain to rise after irrigation works are completed.
The Sailing Ship and the Panama Canal
Winds and calms may affect the progress of ships sailing through the Panama Canal.
The American Deserts
The yucca, barrel cactus, and sumac are some of the strong plants that survive in the deserts of the western United States.
Consul Skinner’s Mission to Abyssinia
Consul Skinner traveled to Abyssinia ( Ethiopia) to negotiate a treaty that grants equal treatment to U. S. merchandise.
The New Home of the National Geographic Society
Geographic Notes includes information on an ill- fated expedition to Labrador and primitve Indian food.

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