National Geographic September 1957


Across the Frozen Desert to Byrd Station: Tractor- borne Explorers Conquer Yawning Chasms of Ice and Snow to Set Up an IGY Outpost in Uncharted Marie Byrd Land
A Navy commander leads tractors hauling 380 tons of building material across treacherous ice, to establish a new research facility, Byrd Station.
Year of Discovery Opens in Antarctica: Daring Scientists of a Dozen Nations, Pooling Knowledge and Resources, Launch Man’s Most Ambitious Assault on the White Continent
The 1957- 58 International Geophysical Year leaps into action, with scientists studying the frozen continent from more than 60 vantage points.
Lafayette’s Homeland, Auvergne: France and the United States Together Celebrate the 200th Birthday of an Aristocrat Who Helped Win American Independence
Howell Walker travels to France on the 200th birthday of the French aristocrat who helped design America’s independence.
[ Nomad] Sails Long Island Sound: A 40- foot Ketch Cruises Storied Waters of Connecticut and New York Renowned for Yachts and Pirates, Whalers and Oyster Beds
A 40- foot ketch cruises one of sailing’s great playgrounds.
Robert College, Turkish Gateway to the Future: Thanks to a Boatload of Bread, Yankee Educators in Istanbul Have Forged an Enduring Link Between Asia and the West
American sister colleges outside Istanbul train international leaders.

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