National Geographic September 1956


Philmont Scout Ranch Helps Boys Grow Up: On the High Plains and Piny Peaks of New Mexico, Explorer Groups Meet the Tests of Trail and Saddle and of Youthful Fellowship
On the High Plains and piney peaks of New Mexico, Boy Scouts revel in the rugged pleasures of the largest camp of its kind in the world.
Kitimat- -Canada’s Aluminum Titan
Engineers harness a river to drive the world’s largest underground power station, which sends cheap electricity 50 miles to a ravenous aluminum smelter.
Progress and Pageantry in Changing Nigeria: Bulldozers and Penicillin, Science and Democracy Come to Grips With Colorful Age- old Customs in Britain’s Largest Colony
Queen Elizabeth pays an unprecedented visit to her rapidly modernizing colony where bulldozers and penicillin, science and democracy come to grips with age- old customs.
Gifts for the Jaguar God
In a southern Mexican rain forest, archaeologists dig up extraordinary stone figures weighing tons, buried by the mysterious Olmec people.
The Diffident Truffle, France’s Gift to Gourmets
Pigs, dogs, and goats help man hunt this elusive and prized black fungus, which grows hidden underground.
Our Green Treasury, the National Forests: Men of the Forest Service Manage a Tenth of the Country’s Acres and in the Process Provide 168, 500, 000 Americans with Water, Lumber, Recreation- -and Solitude
Forest Service workers manage a tenth of the country’s acres and in the process provide Americans with water, lumber, recreation – – and solitude.

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