National Geographic September 1955


This Young Giant, Indonesia: From Sumatra to Celebes and from Bali to Borneo, a New Sense of Urgency Grips the 5- year- old Nation of 3, 000 Islands and 79, 000, 000 People
From Sumatra to Celebes and from Bali to Borneo, a sense of urgency grips the fledgling nation of 3, 000 islands and 79, 000 people.
The Kiwi, New Zealand’s Wonder Bird
No tail, useless wings, and cat like whiskers define this unlikely bird, whose name echoes its call.
New Light on the Changing Face of Mars: A Huge Green Area Almost the Size of Texas Appears in Photographs Made by the National Geographic Society- Lowell Observatory Mars Expedition to South Africa
The largest refracting telescope in the Southern Hemisphere grants astronomers new details of the red planet.
Escalante: Utah’s River of Arches: A Pack Trip Through Little- known Canyons of the Western United States Reveals Spectacular Formations Carved by Frost, Wind, and Water
A trip through little- known canyons of the western United States reveals spectacular red sandstone cathedrals, formations carved by frost, wind, and water.
Landmarks of Literary England: The Reverently Guarded Haunts and Homes of Britain’s Great Writers Provide Modern Pilgrims with a Rewarding Glimpse of the Past
From Jane Austen to Tennyson, Britain’s beloved writers live again in the shadows of their well- preserved homes and haunts, where modern pilgrims can catch a rewarding glimpse of the past.

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