National Geographic September 1944


Salt for China’s Daily Rice
These photographs demonstrate how the Chinese of Tzeliutsing ( Zigong) produce almost half of Sichuan Province’s salt.
Rhodesia, Hobby and Hope of Cecil Rhodes
Cecil John Rhodes founded the two colonies of Northern and Southern Rhodesia, an African land of coal seams, diamonds, and the incredible 350- foot Victoria Falls.
Surf- Boarders Capture California
In these photographs, surfers ride the Pacific waves of southern California.
How We Fight with Photographs
Photography has become a powerful espionage tool; with photographs, the United States can create aerial maps to facilitate attacks.
When GI Joes Took London
American GI’s consider London the best leave town because of its ballrooms, movie houses, theaters, and good food.
Other Working Dogs and the Wild Species
This colorful catalog describes the dhole, wolf, coyote, dingo, and other working dogs and wild species that evolved from a common ancestor.
Bare Feet and Burros of Haiti
Creole is a language of the crowded Caribbean republic of Haiti, site of a 1791slave revolt.

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